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an intoxicating

When homeowners, Louis-Christophe & Antonella, were presented with the ancient agricultural land that would later become Can Xumeo, they immediately fell under its spell. The 3 hectare lot offered the serenity and striking beauty the two had longed for, and beckoned for a home to be built that would match its wild splendor.

sustainably made

Construction of Can Xumeo began in August of 2019 with a two month excavation of the land. It was imperative to the homeowners, Antonella in particular who assumed the role of project manager and drove the vision for the home, that Can Xumeo be built sustainably — from the materials used, to energy production, to the construction process itself.

During the excavation elements unearthed from the land were repurposed for the construction. Rocks were used for the walls in the home and garden structures on the property, stones were given new life as beautiful surfaces. Great care was taken to live up to their sustainability commitment and to honor the land from which Can Xumeo was born.


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